Harlequin Tanks

There are many benefits of aboveground plastic tanks for the garage owners, car mechanics and others. Use harlequin tanks for proper storage of your fuel. These tanks are specially designed for storing the fuels.

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High Quality

Aboveground plastic tanks are designed to meet the highest standards of quality. The tanks come with several years of warranty. These tanks have single frame solid construction design unlike metal tanks that have lots of seams and joints. Everything comes preinstalled so you do not have the worry about installing any nozzles, hoses and fill boxes. The product is corrosion and rust resistant.


Plastic tanks are designed to withstand light impacts and minor crashes. There is no risk of fire hazard due to electric accidents. It reduces fuel ignition risks due to electrostatic charges. The present range of plastic tanks is manufactured to meet the highest standards of tanks. The tank construction is designed to prevent vapour escape. The durable product keeps serving for years without any need for repair. Simple maintenance is sufficient to keep the tank in good working condition.

Check Any Leakage Just by Looking

This is a big advantage of an aboveground tank compared to an underground buried tank. You can simply take a look at the tanks from all sides and be assured of its safety. Any leakage will be detected quickly. On the other hand, a leakage in an underground tank can go undetected for a long time.

Paint the Tank in the Required Colour

There may be certain requirements related to the tank colours in your area or business. You can meet these regulatory or business requirements without any problem when you have an aboveground tank. You will know when the tank is in need of another paint coat.

Easy to Relocate

This is the biggest advantage of using an aboveground plastic tank that is not secured permanently to the ground. You can move it anywhere on your business premises at short notice. A small empty plastic tank is not very heavy and can be moved easily with minimum support equipment and labour. You can take the tank with you if you change your business location or need the tank at another project site. It can be taken to a temporary project site and then brought back to the main storage centre. This flexibility is missing when you have an underground fuel storage tank.

Ensure 24/7 availability of fuel at your business, home or project site. Harlequin tanks have been trusted for years in the UK. The high quality fuel storage tanks can be delivered within 3-10 days at any UK address. Both storage tank and fuel points are available.